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Molba is a full service contracting firm established in 1976.
Originally founded in 1976 as Molba Carpentry, Inc., the company has evolved during the past four decades into a leading full-service contracting company in the State of New Jersey and beyond.

Today, Molba Construction remains true to its origins as family-owned and operated by a second generation of professionals. We continue to honor the principles of pride in name, organization and staff of our original founders.

The advantage of working with Molba Construction is linked to our superior quality craftsmanship and highly competitive pricing. The result: proven expertise and success in interior and ground-up construction streamlined by owner involvement and continuous daily supervision.

Molba Construction’s portfolio of completed projects encompasses millions of square feet of commercial and residential space spanning virtually every county in New Jersey and beyond. This benchmark is direct linked to an enduring volume of work that yields greater buying power among suppliers and subcontractors. Thanks to our strong network of established, reliable and fully insured/licensed subcontractors, Molba Construction offers clients tremendous flexibility and versatility associated with a single or multi-trade package.

By working closely with clients, our team becomes an extension of your team. From developers, owners, architects, construction managers and tenants, we are committed to producing the highest quality, most cost-efficient construction project while building a long-term professional relationship. Our projects span more than a dozen Industries, ranging from multi-family and tenant fitouts, to education, financial and retail.

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Our History

Molba Construction was founded in 1976 as a drywall, framing, and insulation contractor out of Little Ferry, New Jersey. From day one, the foundations of the Molba’s operating procedure have endured: each project undertaken is given the same care and supervision required to finish the job on time with quality workmanship and care. Over time, Molba Construction has gained invaluable experience and expertise in the drywall and framing business becoming one of the most recognizable names within the local industry.

Today, the company has grown and developed into a full service general contractor specializing in both interior renovations and ground up building. The current portfolio of work is diverse to say the least; from industrial warehouses to single family residences, Molba Construction is prepared to take on any job in need of an experienced, quality-oriented general contractor.

Safety Policy

When projects are in motion, safety is of paramount concern to Molba and its affiliates. We take the utmost care in maintaining the safest possible conditions on our job sites, ensuring clients and owners alike that dangerous working conditions will not be of concern throughout the duration of any given project. Additionally, Molba is prepared to take the extra steps necessary to protect job sites from theft and vandalism. We do not leave job sites unattended during working hours, and we do not leave job sites unsecured in the meantime.